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Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

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Yet another occasion when I still wonder if the moral response should have been - - -
Tis a shame how the real world screws with our most cherished dogma.

Years ago in a graduate level ethics class there was a discussion about coming across a person raping the murdered body of a child. A "What would you do" kind of discussion. Lots of ideas were floated but when it came to me I had to be honest -- I'd probably try to beat the guy to death. I still remember the professor (from the religious studies department) starting to shake his head as I said it. He knew me. I pointed out that the discussion was about what you *would* do and not what you *should* do. I knew myself well enough to know that I'd likely not have the self-control to stop myself if I had witnessed something so horrible. But then as others tried to explain moral and categorical imperatives to me I quietly realized that maybe my answer to the *would* question was also the correct answer to the *should* question as well. That realization has never left me.

I must admit that discussion years ago forever destroyed my idealist view of myself and right action. I still don't know the "right" answer.

And I wonder if I *should* just hold him knowing he would likely have a chance to do it again...

Okay, flame away... Evil pagan in your midst.

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