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Post Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
In that case, why not start a new thread and don't mention Ellis at all?

Why not at least use REAL events as your examples?

Ron (inquiring minds, and all that...)

I am sorry I rub you the wrong way, but this isn't a form for going into that.

Being human not everyone is going to like one another. I respect your right to disagree with passion and emotion on a topic or opinion with in reason and without intentional direct or indirect personal attacks. I respect the fact you admire Ellis and his opinions.

For that reason I am talking about the use of stories and the relationship they have with conflict resolution, and not about if Ellis's views via a story are the corrects views on conflict resolution or not. I am more concerned with the effects stories of conflict resolution (true or not, macho to superhuman) have on Aikido and conflict resolution. As we know stories of O'Sensei have shaped the way people see Aikido, both naively, skeptical, jadded, and more.

I am not putting down anyone, or judging those who look at Aikido differently then I do here. Yes, I do have my own personal opinion, though at this time I don't want to go into it at this point- trust me it wouldn't change the world if I did.

And FWIW, another thread has been started.

As I re-edit this I see Ellis has comment briefly reading it, it seem he has a sense of what I am talking about.

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