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Re: The Way of Aiki

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Since you have experience with learning to play the piano, please answer me this:

Is the skill of playing piano well the result of BOTH "a very specific physical creation" and ALSO the result of "a sophisticated combination of physical actions and mental processes?"
Unless I'm not understanding the terms correctly, the answer is "yes". You need to practice, train, teach your body to do new things. You need to develop a tremendous amount of skilled control. And the very process of playing involves a huge amount of focus, mental energy, intent, whatever. I was in a recital many years ago playing all three movements of Beethoven's Moonlight for a large auditorium. I remember playing about the first 2 measures of the first movement. My next memory was realizing I was letting the last note linger a bit too long. I sat back from the keyboard and realized I was drenched with sweat and vaguely started to get my orientation back. It is exhausting physically and mentally.

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