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Re: The Way of Aiki

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
You must be kidding... I both trained formally in classical piano most of my young life. And I enjoyed football. So? And what the hell are you talking about?

How about the 6'4 250 pound lean, athletic kid with a bad atittude who loves piano... That's who'd win the fight.

Geez... I must be missing something... We are intentional creatures. We do not move solely as "machines" in any non-trivial task. There is an entire system of conscious and subconscious control involved in most every non-trivial task involving movement. The skills in any task involve developing physical attributes, physical skills, but also mental skills even at the tiniest levels.

Seriously, I must be missing your point here.
Sorry Keith that's a tangent.

I said:

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Saying something is "a product of very specific physical creation" in one sentence and then saying it is "a sophisticated combination of physical actions and mental processes" on the other seems contradictory.
And you said:

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
Contradictory? It takes tremendous physical training over a tremendous amount of time to play piano technically well. So a talented person plays there is a fantastic amount of skill and training driven by the mental and emotional content of the pianist.
Since you have experience with learning to play the piano, please answer me this:

Is the skill of playing piano well the result of BOTH "a very specific physical creation" and ALSO the result of "a sophisticated combination of physical actions and mental processes?"

My tangental thought was that if it is so hard to learn/do (I sometimes get confused as to whether people are refering to the training methodology or the application of This Stuff) then it is not something warriors would truck with...but that's really neither here nor there and I shoulda let that through ripen a bit before sharing.
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