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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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1) Connected - Make the physical connection between yourself and the other person (this is easy, it's accomplished on touch)

lets take a look at the first part. it's not as simple as a touch. a number of things need to happen for the "connected". Ikeda sensei often asked uke to be "strong as you can", i.e. provide a stiff frame of your body, stiff force if you will. this would take the "slack" out of uke body which makes it easier for nage to work with (learning stage here). now if uke just goes limp noodle, then it makes it much harder, because there would be too much slack, i.e. gaps in the body for good force conduction.

the next part, nage has to take the slack out of his/her/it body as well. otherwise, we have the same issue as uke slackness. however, unlike uke, nage takes the slack out of his/her/its body through body conditioning to create a fully connected body without stiffness like uke. with such body conditioning, nage could create a condition where there is little to no resistance between the palm and the ground contacts at the bottom of nage's feet. sort of a "force conductor" body, using electrical analogy where losses in electrical signal determine the level of IS expertise; so for an expert IS, he/she/it could create a "force superconductor" body. so the terms the IS folks use "bring the ground to certain part of the body", in this case, bring the ground to nage's palm that touched uke's fist. and since the ground is so vast, uke's power essentially grounded or nullified. essentially, the power equation at this point is zero. keep this part in mind because point #3, "move your inside", will change this.

as the contact point, palm and fist, there should be zero force registered. if there is force at contact point, then it's not a single unit but two units, which negates the next portion - Unity.

comments, before we move to #2 "Unity"?