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Re: Top Ten Reasons you STAY with Aikido

Dirk Hanss wrote:
Sorry off topic, Michael.

I just don't understand the phrase HUMPFENSTUFEN

It looks German, but is not really common in my environment.

Google and Yahoo only refer to aikido web pages. So it could be aikido related. but then I found that the only source is Michael Meister - namely a masterly aikidoka (i.e. by name, I do not know your experience).

It sounds related to beer or wine, but I thought the best solution is to ask the source itself.

Could you please help me out of my ignorance and give me some more info about what 'Humpfenstufen' means?

Many thanks

hi dirk, my nameis mut, im michaels instructor in the uk,the word humpenstufen, well here goes. a large part of our organization is in germany, and every year we travel to various parts of germany to train, we all here the germans speak but being dumb english we never learn it enough to speak it, so one day whilst in a bavarian bar somewhere a friend of mine steve said i could just do with a humpenstufen,,,i laughed and said you mean hefe weissen, he said yes.we then told all our german friends this, they laughed and so the word was born, since then it has grown into a greeting and also a ki expression and also the one international word that means everything..i hope this helps.....
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