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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Maybe. So how do you find out? I've answered already with my opinion of HOW. But for those who want to find out they would probably want to look at WHERE, WHEN, WHAT, IF, TO WHOM, HOW OFTEN, WHO UNDERSTOOD, WHO DIDN'T, WHY......... ETC.
I agree that Osensei's location and the timing from the other thread has some relevance here and vice versa. However it is probably better not to use Ruddock Sensei prowess as a gauge for Osensei's transmission: If you do the maths, the statistic I gave you was actually pretty generous and although it is still awesome to have the founder popping round even that often, the bulk of the remaining time would have been under the other teachers whom he described. There is perhaps more value in looking at how Osensei fit himself into the training and what he expected of the regular teaching staff.

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
I took a course in grad school that was commonly described in student evaluations as "Fireside Chats with Prof. L." The professor sat at his desk and told stories. He rarely used the board. I think there was a textbook, but he rarely referred to it. The topic was ceramics engineering and the behavior of glasses. It was one of the most challenging courses of my life. Not because the material was difficult -- it wasn't, at least relative to something like quantum mechanics -- but because it was so difficult to extract tangible information from the lectures.
What do you think the purpose was in this kind of teaching style? Was Mr L just not very good at teaching this unchallenging material?

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