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Re: "The Strongest Technique in Aikido"

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Hi David,
yes there are many techniques, which could help in a situation of being attacked seriously - in this very instant.

I see three possibilities for reducing the risk of reattack significantly:
1. Defeat him in a way, that he knows there is no chance, and next time he might be hurt badly
2. kill him
3. make him a friand of yours

In the first case, he might come back with some frinds and/or guns.
In the second one probablyhis friends or family come for revenge.
And in the last case he may come back, whenever he wants and might even attack again. But it is a very strong solution.

Now you can question, if aikdido really teaches this ability. I cannot proof, but I would say somehow yes. There is much more, but the fact that most techniques are designed to injure the least possible, is at least a first step.

Shomen-ate is great, Arabica and scones probably the best. If you are late in reaction, you might start with shomen-ate - preferably without hitting (too hard) - and then do henka waza and change into "Arabica with scones"

best regards

You presuppose survival of the attack. If the attacker wins then the question is irrelevant, I doubt if the attacker wins he will offer his friendship to you.

If you survive then you can make friends, but you need to survive first.


Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events not of words. Trust movement. --Alfred Adler
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