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mike valentine
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training


I too have had similar situations of leaving beaten attackers broken and bleeding only to call them some help.However the legalities of using "too much force"never entered my mind when initially confronted by these foes.One strike that causes your opponent to fall and crack his head on the pavement can be just as lethal as reapeated stomping to the skull.Same result,death by fractured skull but vastly different method of arriving there.So for me self defence is about getting myself home safe and sound,you can't think of the consequences of your actions befor you do them as this could easilly get you second guessing yourself and inturn seriously hurt if not killed.

What i can say is just because you know how to really injure someone doesn't mean you need to.In fact learning the subtle differences between a "social" confrontation and an "asocial" one, will help you walk away from pointless engagements,it will also help you realise when it is time to act and when that time arises you must do so "now".

Mike V
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