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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Yet sadly we read things like this from another thread:
It is important to understand that consciously trying to get KOKYU RYOKU or KI will not produce the desired results, but only frustration. It is therefore best to enjoy training every day, and not think about things that will come by themselves when the time is right.
Hi Dan

I think you've taken that out of context. In the original article it reads much more like the argument earlier in this thread in which those trying to analyse IP related it to established knowledge of kinesiology. It's not that kokyu can't be explained by science and rationalising, just that it isn't explained (at least fully) right now. To me, in context, what you quoted reads much more like Alexander Sensei meant consciously rationalising kokyu and Ki is futile as a way to understand them. You've got to train and feel them.

This is from the original article:

As of the present time, KI and KOKYU RYOKU cannot be explained in the context of intellectual reason or science. However, it is my humble observation that KI and KOKYU RYOKU are different, but complementary entities. Whereas KI relates to unity of a person's consciousness with that of another human being and/or the spirit of the universe (the essence is SATORI or "spiritual enlightenment"), KOKYU RYOKU is physically oriented and flows through the body.
I agree, we need to build bridges.

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