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Michael Varin
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Re: How ready should you be for a test?

Lyle Laizure wrote:
How "ready" should a student be for a test?

Should everything be so polished that there are no mistakes and the test looks like a choreographed number you might seen on the silver screen or should there be flaws and mistakes?
In my opinion, there are two basic types of tests. I think both are valid and actually there is no reason why both couldn't be used together.

One is the "show me how well you can demonstrate what you have learned" test.

This would only include things in which the student has had exposure sufficient to learn the material. To pass this type of test the student should be able to look polished to whatever is appropriate for their level.

The other is the "here is something beyond your capabilities show me how you react" test.

This will include variables that the student has not previously been exposed to. There will be many flaws and mistakes, but this type of test is passed by demonstrating calmness, creativity, and adaptability.

"Through aiki we can feel the mind of the enemy who comes to attack and are thus able to respond immediately." - M. Mochizuki
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