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Re: Announced Vs. Unannounced Testing

My 4th Kyu test was unannounced. I didn't even know I was being tested. it was a multiple attack that went on for about 10 minutes. as I stood there jelly kneed i was told I had demonstrated the ability to move and protect myself to that level. I am sure looking back that the whole class that night was also part of the grading process. I was quite happy to be tested that way. my teacher then explained that all the grade really was was a recognition among all the members of our dojo of the journey we undertake as a group. I kinda like that way of viewing the thing. however I think as someone else posted that that is more suited to the low grades. our club members who are at higher grades do grade externally at seminars etc.but there is no real heavy emphasis at our club on the grading or syllabus as such.

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