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Re: The "Power" of Aikido

True power is the power you never have to use. And there skill in that. At least that is what I am told. Heck, wasn't that what the Cold War was all about? And that famous speech of, "Tear down this wall!" by President Ronald Reagan commanding Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to destroy the Berlin Wall. And I know looking down the barrel of a gun, because someone is being reckless can be very effective.

I see Ellis's point. And I think if you want to use Aikido as a means for protection you can't warp speed to the ideal as I described. But, I don't think you need other training to do so on this level. Aikido has the whole package, it is there. You tweak here and there; you reduce the liquid(as in cooking to boil down) and your back to what O'Sensei originally studied, before he changed it.

I don't think too many people really know Aikido well enough to be able to tweak it back to those battle tested arts. That takes a keen mind and decades of study. In fact, some of those battle field arts have become special reenactments/arts, i.e. more for educational purposes of preserving historical techniques. Like showing people how it was done in the past without the intensity and balls-out approach to training in order to win a life or death fight.

I think the greater skill and power is to try and create a better world. Be good citizens, stop being violent, and all that kind of stuff.

And honestly, there are people out there that don't and won't ever train for a self-defense situation, and may never need to use Aikido in that way. And if some even trains the basics poorly in Aikido they have a better chance of survival then if they didn't. They will have a better chance of defending themselves against a threat who knows little or has no martial arts training, much less be any better then their intended victim who does train in Aikido. The assailant will make allot of assumptions and that might be costly to them.

There are allot of secrets to unlock in Aikido, and they ain't easy or quick, but something of value never is.
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