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Re: The "Power" of Aikido

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
I see the reason for this is because you don't have the likes of a Randy Couture taking up Aikido.... People like him don't gravitate to Aikido....they want the "power" to win a fight. Not the power that Aikido offers in the way it offers it....People who want to make a living fighting or who love to fight go into professional contact sports like, MMA, boxing, football, hockey, and what not, and not Aikido...If the person wants to fight....Just go out there in and get in fights....You will learn quick if you have what it takes to be a fighter or not.
Thank you very much- well said. (even if I did doctor it a bit).

I can't really find a nice way to say this- but being crap at fighting aint going to change because you do this martial art or that one- for however long.

People don't seem to want to admit that although MA's are now available for anyone to practice- they are for learning easier ways to kill people/ learning how to dispatch 'enemies'/ and keeping yourself alive when someone wants to make you dead- and that's not for everyone.
so if that's not for you- you aint going to get that (staying alive) out of your chosen martial art- and if you think you can water down your art to a more civilised/ spiritual degree and somehow justify your practice of MA without being able to fight out of paper bag etc etc , well, LOL- if I may say so.

so people can go ahead and train in whatever they can afford for however long it takes for them to get their kicks- and most will never have to face the reality of what I have just said- good luck to them.

I'm not trying to put anyone down here- I just am struggling with how to express what I firmly believe- and that is a tool is as good as the craftsman.

I have made it out of fights- not because of whatever art I was practicing at the time- but because I wanted to live- and I was prepared that the other guy didn't have to- sorry but that's true.

I sure as heck wasn't ever thinking of 'educating him' or harmonising on a higher spiritual plane to our mutual benefit- just fighting till he wasn't a problem anymore.

I can do that with Aikido- Karate- grappling- WHATEVER- it doesn't matter. I just happen to like the movements in Aikido, and I think that'll do me for a while- hope I get good at it!

If anyone's offended by this- don't be, I am just being candid.
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