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Re: Tenchi nage

Jo Duncan wrote: View Post
It's bloody hard to explain techniques through text, the best way ALWAYS is to ask your teacher.

As you can see people do things differently. Trying to explain things simply leaves massive holes in the explanation... solution? Practice practice practice.

Dalen, the "chi kokyu" (Earth) and "ten kokyu" (Heaven) are just the components of "ten-chi nage" i.e. one goes down, one goes up.

-I wouldn't take what I say very seriously; i'm really quite rubbish! But like most people on here, i just love this stuff!
Well as for why not ask my teacher...there is an interesting thread going on in the language forum right now that is covering this issue...although it wasnt originally meant to do so.

Also, as mentioned, I have learned quite a bit from aikiweb - and you went to prove my point again...thanks for the explanation you posted.

Yes, I would not say written is the best way.
There are 'ideally' the best case scenarios...but those remain 'idealistic' while life gives us the opportunity to make that which seems impossible, possible.

I do agree in that it would seem, at least in my case (as each person needs something different) that a combo of written and video would do.

And again, the written helps supplement a lot when i just clicks. And what I learn here, I can then use with my Hungarian (uhh mmm) to further develop my technique at the dojo.

Trust me there is communication at the dojo...but, I ask what I can here and see what answers i can get. (Use the resources I have available to get the clearest picture.)

Again, thanks for the post and the explanation.



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