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Re: Tenchi nage

Peter Gröndahl wrote: View Post
Well, your live in eastern europe, train with people that you obviously can´t have regular conversations with and your instructor is a shodan
I would say that there definitely is aspects of aikido that you miss out on. On the other hand conditions like this forces you to take control over your own progress and learning so it ain´t all bad if you can get access to higher quality instruction once in a while.
summarized quite nicely.

I now have the techniques broken down in digestible bites.
(Again using both my test requirements as well as Aikido 3D)

So that means I understand the basics of the groupings:
- Tachi Waza/Suwari Waza
- Naga Waza/Katama waza

As well as getting used to some other terms and concepts:
- Jiyu Waza (albeit it says emphasis on staying away...or moving I can only assume that me doing the full technique was actually incorrect when doing Jiyu waza with one person in training.)

Beyond that, (what I have listed on my techniques paper, and the aikido 3d program) I dont really have anything else to go by.

If the terms are more from philosophy (the ones mentioned above) then that is why I am missing out on it. (and it may not even be taught...if its technique, then I can say it is not taught.

Anyhow...I am enjoying Aikido - more so now than before.
It was more of a struggle and challenge in the past - Now Im trying to make the most of what the moment gives (whatever moment that is in life)

I will say our shodan (he was just promoted in April) is really good though...technique wise.

Again, the structure of how we learn in class may not be the best. (i.e., after a year we just learned udekime nage, which is on my test I am taking in a few weeks - there are some other techniques like this that we have practiced less frequently as well.)

That aside, we do have two people that I can actually communicate with. They dont show up most the time, and one stopped altogether. (He started teaching in another city, he is a 2nd kyu police officer)

Their English is as good as my Hungarian...Ill be honest, its actually better.
But the main difference is not necessarily who knows the language better...but they are willing to try to communicate and determined to show how it should be done.

The attitude really goes the furthest.
Im like the guys above, but if the people are not receptive (or shy) you wont get anywhere no matter how much you try.

There are a couple of others, though, (no language skill really, per say) and they are pretty good at getting the techniques across.

Its been an interesting experience for sure. And quite interesting for me to train with each one of them. (Helps to enrich my Aikido experience as I have mentioned before.)

What would be the irony is if I get to shodan here (yes, lets forget the language Im not saying my Hungarian wont improve...heheh), but still not know the terms above. (I only say that as I see no hint of them where I train.)

It could be a style thing perhaps? I dont know.

But Im here at aikiweb to learn what I can, and pick up what I can.



- actually Aikiweb is my dojo outside of the dojo.
The place where I can freely chat about aikido - since I cant fluently chit chat about it in Hungarian at the present time.

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