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Bruce Baker
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Lightbulb Would Aikido be less if explained in english

Would Aikido be less readily embraced in other cultures if all terms were translated into mother tongues of that country, not using the Japanese terminology in other than instuctor and dan level classes? I wonder?

As the time frame of WWII passes into history, so too does the memory and relevence of Aikido being the recast Budo of Morehei Ueshiba, O'Sensei? Children tend to lessen the importance of what the previous generation has learned, they want to relearn things in their own way. Will that time blur the meaning of Japanese language the same as it did Latin as the preferred language of the modern world?

Will many of the terms for Aikido techniques be adapted into mother tongue languages and forgotten as the years pass, much like the reading of the bible in latin?

Or is it this damned Meniere's disease (limited short term memory) that forces me to learn everything on gut level and let the terminology come over time that continues to force my mind to use English to Japanese tranlation without, directly, giving the term its own meaning?
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