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Mario Tobias
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Re: When does it begin to make sense?

Do not worry too much about it. If you practice regularly and consistently it will come to you. You will eventually get it. I am a slow learner and was like you that I got frustrated at my early years of training.

You need to realize Aikido is a very difficult art so you shouldn't beat yourself for not learning fast. Some get it easier than others but you are not them. I have experienced phases where I questioned all of it and if it would make sense not to continue since I wasnt getting it. these are the times you just need to have more faith and soldier on. You also need to realize it is a lifelong journey. my greatest learning was that knowledge doesn't come linearly but in quantum steps. You'd just be amazed that one day your lightbulb turned on, that techniques will come naturally but you cant explain how this came to be. Remove all your frustrations and just practice.
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