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Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

YMMV, but, most folks who study kenjutsu/iaido/kendo do not do so because they want to fight with a sword. It's not about that at all. If you're being taught that it it, your teacher needs a reality check.

And kenbudo is sort of an odd construction. Is that the term used in your dojo or something you've picked up somewhere? Interesting to know the derivation.

We can learn lots from sword training, things dealing with timing, distancing, control of space and conection, but nobody who _seriously_ studies the sword in the Japanese budo context should expect to take that training as anything other that theoretical, historical and perhaps somewhat esoteric.

Today, he sword is a tool we use to learn about us, not a tool to destroy others.

I've often said the same thing about empty-hand budo training for that matter ...


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