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Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

Bill Danosky wrote:
Thanks. I was waiting to see if anyone would mention using a bokken as a primary weapon before I brought it up. I was considering it myself as there isn't really any blade to blade contact in kendo a really good bokken couldn't take (is there?). I think I could do an adequate amount of damage with my bokken without permanently disabling an opponent.

I wouldn't think I'd want to get tagged with an iaito, either. I have another thread going about the comparison between the various regional edged arts. As I mentioned in it, I don't know what context I'm talking within here, but unless my opponent is wearing a suit of armor it probably doesn't matter if the blade's sharp or not, as long as it doesn't break.

Anybody know how well they hold up? I've seen some steel iaito but I'm pretty sure they are basically a katana.
Bokkens are strong weapons, but alike all wood, they can be broken, and like all hard objects vs humans, they can do the breaking. A bokken can easily break an arm or crush the skull and kill someone (this is obvious with Musashi's most famous victory, against Sasaki Kojiro.) Of course you could always just whack someone until they didn't want to fight you anymore...

Iaito are dull Katanas, made out of an Aluminum-Zinc Alloy, instead of steel. It can hold up well on it's own, but it's also not very strong, so hitting someone with it can bend, or warp the blade, if it's not very well made.

For non lethal defense, Kubotans are good.
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