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Re: "Aikido Style" Gi supplies other than Bujin

Jerry Teo wrote: View Post
could you please elaborate? been looking at getting one of these for awhile
so if i'm a size 5 it will shrink to a size 4 after a few washes?
Going by their sizing chart, I should have gotten a 3, but after reading comments I went with a 4. Out of the box it was probably perfect. Pants came right to the top of my ankle, sleeves to my wrist. Great fit in the waist and chest. After washing the length on both the sleeves, pants and top have shrunk up a good bit. That's not a problem for me, because I prefer short pants and sleeves, but if one were not a fan of that fit, you'd probably want to go two sizes up from their chart. The pants and top fit great otherwise still.

Just try it on when you get it and if it fits the way you want it before it's washed, assume it will shrink up a good bit and keep or return it accordingly.
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