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Paul - who says brand new beginners are hard to throw? Of course we all have different experiences but the majority of the time I have trouble throwing "beginners" is when I'm forcing something that shouldn't be. An inexperienced person is normally easier to throw but you have to make more of an effort to protect them if they cannot protect themselves. Geotz stated this well.
Try keeping to the issue at hand. The point isn't protect vs not protect or beginner vs experienced. The point is the environment, specifically the degree of cooperation in the role of performance.
When I first started MA I thought harder was better. Break, smash, crush! I'm now old and decrepid and I like the soft subtle approach :-)
Thanks for sharing. I never mentioned anything about hard vs soft or crushing vs not.

I submit, and other have mentioned this before, dynamic methods are more accurate measures of ability than kata practice (you can see this in the aikido and judo thread). As I have not engaged in dynamic training with O Sensei or anyone who engaged in dynamic training with O Sensei, I don't know how "good" he was from personal experience. Anything else would be gossip and I've no desire to engage in that either.

I suspect you knew this many posts ago and now seek only to put words into my mouth to advocate something that you feel is morally or ethically wrong, or you seek validation for your own views not discussion.


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