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Taking your randori-example it's obvious to me, that most of them have certain regularies which could be interpreted as cooperative (No punches in judo and wrestling, no kicks in boxing).
If you disagree just say so. Making statements like this is silly and I'm sure you know that. There's no cooperation the examples you list, there are constraints. Just like there are constraints in aikido training.

The issue isn't what is allowed in training (ie, what are the constraints). The issue is the environment. If by "taking ukemi" all you mean is kata practice, then that isn't an accurate indication of much of anything as far as martial effectiveness is concerned.

If you have one or more people uncooperatively interacting using aikido, that's a much more accurate indication of martial effectiveness --- whatever you call it ("randori", "sparring", "jiyu waza", heck, call it "fred" for all I care ---- the word isn't the thing and the thing is not the description). Read the Judo and Aikido thread, I'm not the only one who feels this way.


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