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Goetz Taubert wrote:
Maybe Peter Rehse could give some names?
Not likely - mainly because they belong to people who would deny the designation. They may even be right - it is subjective after all.

Ohba Shihan (who is famous for attacking Ueshiba M. for real in Manchuria during a demonstration) critisizes Ueshiba M. for being stiff.

Conversly Tomiki wasn't too impressed with the direction Ueshib M.'s Aikido was heading after the war. Seems he was overdoing the overcoming stiffness.

Shioda Shihan seems to agree with Tomiki (at least roughly about the point where Ueshiba M. was at his best), although Shirata Shihan (in Aikido Master's) disagrees with both.

Point being if people like that, who knew and felt Ueshiba M. in his prime can't agree, who are we. Especially when all we have to judge by is the filter of legend.

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