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Re: Letting Go of the Ego

Good post

I believe Aikido is training for life and as other have mentioned understanding your ego in and off of the mat is important. I am constantly reminding myself of this at work lately as I recently began a new job. At work now I have less responsibility (and ironically better pay and benefits) having been a Director at my last employer and a Project Manager at the new one. My struggle has been that I am less involved in decision making and more involved in taking direction/creating agendas/taking minutes at meetings. What makes this tough is that both companies do the same thing, and (currently) my new employer does not do the job as well as my previous.

I am constantly fighting the urge to pass judgement and even worse, verbalize any disagreements I may have with decisions/strategy.

I keep telling myself that while I am at work I need to pretend I am at the dojo as I train with no ego pretty well and make a point to have have humility as you mention. Just show the enjoyment of training in everything we do at the dojo. At work I need to just have no mind, be fluid, be relaxed, and be fun. I have many bosses/sensei at work that I can learn a great deal from.

Perhaps I should just enjoy the ride and keep it in perspective because after all, as with becoming senior at the dojo, when I become senior at work again....that's when the real challenging training/work begins.

Chris Sawyer
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