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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

I remember my instructor telling me that he could have as good a practice with a beginner as with an experienced student. I find that this goal can actually be achieved. Treating an attack as serious, and moving the same way one would with another uke, is the key. As an Aikido instructor I sometimes see my student's technique decline slightly when working with a new person : ( The focus probably goes from "doing my best" to "helping the new person." The truth is, people learn by observation. If my technique is weak, then my partner, a new student, will not be learning the best either. Now, if someone has trouble with taking Ukemi, then, a good throw can still be done. I teach my students to throw at normal speed, and then slow down a the end to le the beginner fall on their own. I disagree with the statement made that a better person is necessary for development. It is ideal, in general, but I have only my students to practice with mainly, and I have improved, so obviously it is not necessary. Even if a new person stays one day, as long as they know the attack, you're golden. To do your BEST technique, with a beginner, that is a real achievement.

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