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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

Now that

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Personally, I'd like to see Segal Sensei paired with Dog Bounty Hunter as a "Reality" TV Show... from a marketing standpoint that would bring in just the right kind of student...
followed closely by

Fred Little wrote:
To be fair, the full title of the series is:

Steven Seagal: Lawman -- Out for Donuts!
just made me spray coffee over the keyboard

Jason Jordan wrote:
I' m not going to be excited until I see some actual waza going on.
If they show him teaching I will be good with that, but you know these movie types....Bait you in with what he's known for, and then for the rest of the series you are looking for Aikido and there is none.
Since this is a "reality" TV show following a Police department,I wouldn't expect to see any Aikido at all, other than the bits where he is teaching/ demonstrating to other officers.

Still, if it ever makes it to the UK, might take a peak into the first episode at least

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