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Pete Rihaczek
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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Justin Smith wrote: View Post
That makes no sense because I haven't made any claims of martial efficacy, nor of new or secret or more efficient ways of moving. If I had, then a challenge would be quite appropriate.
And somehow, this tapdancing is supposed to put a baffling smokescreen in front of your cowardly attacks, and convince people of your objectivity.

Justin, no amount of "cool" smileys or "cool" in your dorky moniker will ever get you anywhere near cool. It's just not going to happen for you, sorry. And again, you have no point, which is obvious to everyone. Top judoka, boxers, etc don't compete in MMA, nor would they win if they did, because everyone has to train specifically for MMA to succeed in it. That doesn't mean their skillset doesn't apply to MMA, or that there is nothing to learn from them.

You are also merely a wannabe skeptic. You don't have the intellectual horsepower for it, and more importantly, skeptics actually investigate any claims they find dubious. They aren't Internet vermin daring to snipe only because they feel safe behind their keyboard. If they don't have the opportunity (opportunity, not lack of guts or other personal qualifications) to do that they can contact someone they trust who is geographically better able to meet the subject of said claim. But wait, unbiased people from this forum, with more experience and class than you, have vouched that this stuff indeed feels different than other things in their experience. Your dismissal of their reports is yet another instance of you insulting your betters and expecting no one to notice. There is not a single person on this board who would bet a rusty nickel that you would step up yourself for any sort of unbiased investigation. You could at least arrange for someone whose objectivity you respect and who respects you (insert sounds of crickets chirping here) to investigate and report their findings. That is if anyone cares to hear a report from you. That, unfortunately, requires some level of respect for you as a precondition.

In fact, reading even another word from you is showing you far more respect than you deserve, so that's the end of our interaction. Really, given your level in character, maturity, and martial knowledge you would be a better fit for a forum where the hot discussion revolves around which color Power Ranger could defeat the others.
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