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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

As I PM'd you....if there is nothing to make it worth your while...then why spend the time here discussing it? Sounds like you have already made up your mind about this. Which would account for the few that seem to have chucked you into the troll category.

Justin wrote:

Once such people are able to use it in the venue and manner already mentioned, then I will not merely need to believe it is worth my time before I go but I will know it is worth my time.
All I can say here is in martial have to take chances and put yourself out there a little if you want to grow.

With this logic, I would have not gone to the European BJJ Championships in January, because I had no idea if it would be worth my white belt student went, spend over $1000 to go, got one match for 5 minutes...and was out of the running. So with this logic, that was a very expensive 5 minutes of his time! I was luckier as I got three matches, and one that ran over by 2.5 I got 17.5 minutes of rolling for my $1000.00 and my vacation time for 4 days.

Anyway, I can understand your logic about making sure you are not wasting your time with posers, you know, though...everyone that is my current teacher required me to invest a little of myself out there, sometimes it was a waste of my time, other times not...there never is a guarantee.

This is why I have worked so hard to get an understanding of the endstate of my training over the past couple of months with these guys if I do meet with them, it would not be a waste of our time, or a misunderstanding.

Even before I commit a final training date/time/investment of money, I would email them and discuss over the phone our training objectives/parameters so as not to misunderstand and to make our expectations clear.

I have stated that I am not interested in static exercises, unbendable arm, or pushing on Jo staffs....they seem to initially to be okay with that. I would expect these things to be a part of that process to help guide and demonstrate...but not inclusive of our entire practice...I would want to train with some one in a non-compliant, BJJ methodology as well as it is important to me, as it sounds to you, that they be able to demonstrate proficiency..maybe not technically as a BJJer, but somewhat of an ability to transmit this training to non-compliance.

If you watch the video Rob does show this a I have hope!


Anyway, Justin, all I can say is that in order to grow and develop your own "Game", you need to take some risk and sometimes you will be let down..but more often than not, you will at least learn a little.

Good luck.

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