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Re: A Real Aikido Man

Great story. A similar thing happened to a student of mine. He turned up for training looking like he had something on his mind. I asked and he told us how the previous day waliking through hyde park four guys(I won't say from where) approached him and suddenly surrounded him demanding his money.

He said he gave them his wallet and his mobile phone and then suddenly realized he would have to walk home. So as they were leaving he called them back and asked them if he could have his oyster card so that he could get home. They laughed and duly obliged and even apologised and said how they needed what they had took more than him and off they went.

The usual started as some in the dojo started saying what they would have done while others wondered what they would have done. He on the other hand wasn't sure what he had done.

Taking into account his level of ability I told him he did excellent, he harmonized and thus did Aikido.

Turned out he only had 20-00 in the wallet and the phone was old and insured so he reported it stolen the next day.

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