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Re: does nikyo hurt?

I've never felt anyone in aikido who could move/control me with a nikyo without pain or the notion that pain was just around the corner. I've found plenty of people who were skilled in their application to the point that they could catch me right at the edge of pain compliance and move me and that can almost make you think that there's no pain, but that also skirts pretty close to the edge of over-compliance too. I have felt some people outside of aikido who could, in very low pressure testing situations, lock me up and move me without pain or really even locking me up and I have no doubt there are some people out there who could do that in higher resistance situations. I do agree that pain isn't the goal of nikyo, but I have my doubts about the efficacy of the mystical "pain free nikyo" in the majority of aikido these days. It skirts too close to over-compliance for my tastes.
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