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Re: Dealing with injury...

Steven Tame wrote:
I was injured about 2 weeks ago taking ukemi from my Senseis san-kyo.

At first I thought it would be ok cos I had a similar experience with yon-kyo and my wrist was fine after a couple of days.

Now it has been 2 weeks and my elbow is still painful when I take ukemi from shiho nage , 1-4 kyo... I have no idea what is wrong with my elbow... I already cancelled my yon-kyu test next month.

I can not afford to use a doctor/hospital because I have no health insurance and am basically living on a very strict budget.

What should I do? Continue training and do not take ukemi on that arm/elbow? Rest completely from Aikido and hope the problem goes away?

Any advice would be much appreciated...
You are asking for trouble if you are living in Japan without any form of health insurance and it is a condition of training in my own dojo here that people take out insurance against injury and also sign a waiver before they train.

The Aikikai Hombu Dojo actually has limited insurance against injury and so you should tell someone about the injury. In any case not to say anything about it at all helps no one.

The Aikikai Hombu has a reputation for being somewhat rough and people like Doshu and the members of the Instruction Department sometimes need to be made aware of this.

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