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Kevin Wilbanks
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Steven Tame wrote:
As for the Sensei.... there are many Sensei at Hombu. In the begginers class we hardly ever practice san-kyo or yon-kyo. This was pretty much my first time to take ukemi from san-kyo. I think the sensei way overestimated my ability. I only have Go-kyu.
I'm guessing this is exactly the kind of thing that inspired Ian to tell you to go elsewhere. A sensei whipping an sankyo on a beginner that causes a serious tendon or ligament injury is a heinous event. "Way overestimating" your ability is not the kind of mistake a Sensei, or any Aikidoist should make. It means he/she wasn't perceptive enough to see where you were at, wasn't connected and paying attention to your response, or just didn't care. None of these are acceptable for someone who puts themselves out as a teacher.

It would be one thing if you tripped or something slipped, or if something like this happened during rough play between people at a similar level. This was an expert misusing a beginner. If the same thing happened here in the states to me, I would explain the situation to the teacher. If they did not offer to pay for treatment, I would ask them to. If he/she refused and/or I did not like the response, I would talk to their superiors. If the medical treatment was sufficiently expensive, or if it interfered with my work, I would consider legal action to recoup the damages.
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