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Steven Tame
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firstly san-kyo and yon-kyo are the wrist-twist and wrist pin techniques.

Basically my elbow feels fine unless I take ukemi on that arm ie. shiho nage,1,2,3 or 4 kyo,kote gaeshi to an extent.

If shiho nage is done gently it does not cause me any pain. Same for ikkyo. 2-4 kyo are always painful.

I want to keep training so I think I will explain to the senseis that I can not use my left arm....

I think I will invest in some health insurance although it is a bit late on this occasion.

I think Janet is right about my type of injury

damn 6-8 weeks is a long time but I certainly will regret it if I get a permanant problem.

As for the Sensei.... there are many Sensei at Hombu. In the begginers class we hardly ever practice san-kyo or yon-kyo. This was pretty much my first time to take ukemi from san-kyo. I think the sensei way overestimated my ability. I only have Go-kyu.
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