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Jeff R.
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A boat is floating at a dock, and a rope ladder is hung over the side of the boat and into the water. The distance between each rung is one foot. There are two rungs below the surface of the water and six rungs above the surface. The water level rises two feet. How many rungs are now visible above the surface of the water?

There is something to think about. Ki? Not so much. It's like unconditional love. You can't measure it; can't keep it for yourself; the more you give the more you receive; if you try to contain it, it does you no good.

Want to play with it? Try 'Hand of a Thousand Bells.' Or, have someone bury an object somewhere in your back yard, then you try and feel-find it (use your gut instead of your eyes).

Exercise and extend your Ki with conviction; feel its awesome power--just smile.
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