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David Orange
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Re: Direction of Groundpath

Quote (David Orange):
But how do you keep your own whip energy from rebounding back into your own body? Ark can do that to you.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Simply by making sure it goes into the target.
If I move my feet much any more it is for the sake of the exercise.
OK. Let's say you whip your energy up into a light socket.

That's about what we're talking about when we discuss "hitting" Ark.

And that's what's sad about reading your responses. You clearly have no conception of what you're talking about when you say you just make sure your whip energy goes into the target (ARK).

You don't know that when you put your whip energy out, he sends LIGHTNING back. And I'll tell you, when he does that, your feet will leave the ground and it won't be for exercise' sake.

See, ARK can absorb whatever whip energy you give him and he will rebound ten times that back into your system.

It's clear that you do not understand the basic premise being discussed but you are determined to interject your "explanations" into every discussion where they are not warranted.

I will take you off IGNORE when you send me a PM telling me you have actually put hands on Ark, Dan or Mike.

But if you keep up the aspersions on Dan's character under the mantle of your superior "Martial Virtue," I will put you back.

So now you go on Ignore. Let me know when you put hands on someone who understands this discussion and I'll take you off.


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