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Re: Direction of Groundpath

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
What it is, is spiralling in 90 deg. offset opposing spirals -- torsional shear stress, a potential which when released creates an unlevered action that the mind learns to lead and then to drive -- like surfing.
Spiralling of what? You're talking about shear-forces and if someone has got spiralling forces running simultaneously in different directions on their body, I would love to know how it's done. The guy pushing the elephant's butt can't push the elephant into the truck at the same time that he's pulling it out. If someone is going to talk about "six directions", spiralling isn't it, as would be obvious to the most casual observer; those are the opposing directions of the 3 Cartesian planes, x, y, and z.... those I can set up antagonistically, but not spirals.

So we're not talking forces (which is what you need to set up your unremitting "shear")... then *what* is spiralling in different directions?

And seriously... see how productive it is to hash these things out on a forum so that receptive students are sold an explanation that won't hold water?


Mike Sigman
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