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Re: Ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of O Senseis death

Thanks for all the post regarding what you do for O'sensei memorial, Especially Rev.K. Barrish, your articles have provided much inspiration to me.

I was lucky enough to be present for the Tai Sai celebrations in Iwama this year. It was a great event, the memorial Shikishidai (flow of ceremony) seemed to be as Rev Barrish has discribed, being a non Japanese and not completely familar with Shinto protocol it was difficult to follow exactly what was going on. Although the mood of the 1500 people present and the power of the Kototama could be felt by all. The doshu performed a demonstration after the priests had left the Jinga. There are some videos and pictures of the event at they are in an older post so you will have to find them.

After the formal ceremony we had lunch together all 1500 people. Nemoto Sensei my present instuctor had sent the ichiban to secure the spot that was one of O'Sensei favorite lunch spots. Drinking at least one Sake should not be ommitted from the memorial !!
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