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Re: Ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of O Senseis death

Spring greetings from Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America,
Yes, this year marked the 40th year since the passing of Ueshiba O’Sensei. The Mitama of O’Sensei and the Mitama of Nidai Doshu Kisshomaru Sensei are enshrined at the Gyoman-Do, the Buddhist Hall of Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Mie, Japan. Ueshiba Moriteru Sensei (current Doshu) made his annual visit to Tsubaki Grand Shrine to pay respects to the mitama of his Father and Grandfather on 2/25/09 near the time of Ohigan). The Mitama of O’Sensei is also enshrined at the North America Branch Shrine, Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America where on the weekend of 4/24-26 the Aiki Taisai was be conducted. This event will included Aiki Keiko, Misogi Shuho (ritual water purification), Chinko Gyoho (Shinto active meditation) and the Ireisai (the Shinto memorial ceremony for repose of the mitama of Kaiso).
The Shinto Memorial Shikishidai (flow of ceremony) is:

Shybatsu/ preliminary purification of food offerings, tamagushi and attendees

Ippai/ one bow to begin the ceremony (if taking place where O’Sensei is not an enshrined Kami then Koushin-no-Gi [ inviting the Mitama to a himorogi- temporary shrine antennae] is done at this time

Kensen/ food offering recitation of 1) Oharahi-no-Kotoba/ Great Purification Prayer 2) Mitama Shizume-no-Kotoba/ words of soul pacification followed by the Saishi/ prayer of the ceremony

Tamgushi hairei/ the Shinto Priest and representatives of various groups offer the sacred evergreen branch to the Mitama of Kaiso

Tessen/ removal of food offerings

Ippai/ one bow to close the ceremony or if before the himorogi Soushin-no-Gi [seeing off the Kami].


If any list members are interested in images of the ceremony please contact TSUBAKI AMERICA SHRINE

Thank you
Koichi Barrish
Tsubaki Grand Shrine
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