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Marc Abrams
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Re: doubts

When two or more people are interacting with one another, there are efforts in controlling the nature of those relationships at both a covert and overt level. This is simply a fact based upon the differing need and want states in the individuals that get expressed through the nature of the interactions and communications.

If we place a positive value on that type of control, we typically talk about it in terms of "positive influence", "guiding", "assisting", or some other word (s) that convey a positive valence. If we do not place a positive value on that type of control we typically describe it in terms of "manipulating", "controlling", "authoritarian"... or some other word (s) that convey a negative valence.

The larger reality of the fundamental nature of human interactions will be expressed in our human endeavors such as Aikido. It does not matter whether you call it fighting, influencing, ...... By virtue of the fact that you interact with others, such a "duel" of influencing will occur. Unless you live alone on an island, make the most of it!

Marc Abrams
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