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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

David Orange wrote: View Post

It's clear, though, that you're still stinging from having been suspended from the forum for awhile. I know the feeling. I've gotten too involved in disputes with people on here several times and gotten suspended. And I've recognized that it was my own behavior that earned the suspension. And I can tell you, you earned yours. No need to be offended by it. The offense was yours.

You'll do well just to quit wagging your staff and actually listen to what some people are telling you. There are some excellent martial artists on here with more than a little experience in fighting--people who do martial arts regularly with top teachers from around the world; people who actually own their dojos and control when the space is available and exactly what kind of mats are there. They don't have to beg or make excuses for what they charge. Some of them don't charge at all, yet deliver up some of the best training available anywhere. If they're not able to teach, it's usually because they're out of the country, training with some real master. And that kind of "interruption" doesn't sneak up on them: they're well-paid professionals who created and maintain the space and time in their lives for serious martial arts training and they don't waste that time. They get and give the best.

You could gain a lot by listening to what those people have to say about martial arts. And I'm sure you'd find much more respect from those who read these forums if you will.

Otherwise, I'd expect a few more head-butt sessions before you get a permanent ban, in which case no one will miss you.

It all starts with a good look at oneself and a measure of respect for other people.

Good luck with that.

David you sound like a school teacher with a bad pupil, I suggest you take heed of your own words? Me stinging? You have got to be having a laugh old son, some advice, take it or leave as I really don't give a toss......
You talk about he who must be obeyed right? I have noticed that you often bring it in to your posts....... I have another alternative that maybe you should read and see what you come up with. It seems to me that you have the sour grapes and cannot see that in yourself?
I am well aware of who is a "master" and who isn't , it certainly isn't you as you have someone on your side? True masters wouldn't even bother with this forum as they are probably too busy minding their own business just as you say? I doubt if there are any really true "masters" these days, As I am aware even our great teacher referred to himself as just a beginner?

If lightning doesn't strike me twice in the next half hour and you haven't been converted then I'm afraid there is no hope for you....

Take care old son.......