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Re: Hidden Question

Originally posted by Datamike
Ego trips are not welcome on my class. Not that I have a lot to say in the matter (not my dojo) but if I notice a particular person who is only there to boost their ego I usually make their lives pretty hard on the mat. Either they get rid of that "extra ego" or I "eventually" get rid of them.

It can be very harmful for the other students in the class and I even know of a incident where a certain student (ego trip) earned the "dislike" of others.

And shall such a practitioner make it through to 4th or above in kyu grades you can rest sure that the superb ego will never leave the guy. Trust me, I know...
Thanks a lot Datamike, this is what I was getting at from the beginning.

Certain students have even specifically requested not to train with those individuals
for reasons similar to those which you have pointed out.

I tend to see training with a "difficult" person as a challenge to ourselves that we should try even harder to harmonise with that person i.e. "If your heart is large enough to envelop your aggressor you should see right through his attack"-O-Sensei. However, I think this does have its limit, especially where one's safety is being compromised.

Any other views?


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