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Re: Aikido and Jujitsu training


I trained jujitsu and aikido together for 8 years.

With my aikido practice being primarily related to principles I found the jujitsu excellent in broadening my knowledge of applying the principles to actual techniques.

At the same time I felt that the jujitsu I practiced was greatly enhanced by the consideration of martial principles that I applied from aikido.

So for me the two were highly complimentary.

On the downside I feel its important to achieve a reasonable level in one before looking at the other. Doing both as a novice will be confusing.

Further - Its not easy to serve more than one master.

My jujitsu instructor was always frustrated by my aikido mindset.

My aikido instructor was frustrated by my craving for life at the sharper end....and the injuries that such entertainment guarantees.

Enjoy...both are fantastic arts in their own right what ever flavour you opt for.


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