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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Please, I've answered already. Giving extremes I don't see as useful or relevant. There is always an extreme to which you may or probably would do whatever. So I'm sure we could find examples where I would.
Well, that's all I'm looking for.

And the point is that, for a lot of people with a lot of aikido experience, you are that extreme person that we simply have to speak out on.

We do see what you're doing as damaging the reputation of aikido in general as a real martial art, damaging the reputation aikido has as a sword art, and possibly damaging your students' chances of ever developing a real understanding of the arts. Also, since some people do seem to give you some credence (few of them, apparently, being experienced aikido people), there is the chance, as Hugh Breyer pointed out, that you can bring real damage to those who follow you.

Not to belabor the differences again, but to point out exactly why so many people comment "against" you. Really, it's not against you, Graham, yourself, but simply against the very strange things you do.

Add to this your authoritative views on IP when you seem never to have experienced it and you can begin to see why the opposition to what you do (including speaking about IP and spirituality) becomes so strong. Mark Freeman indicated that he appreciates what you are, but that what you do does not compare with what Dan does (I think he actually said "Graham is no Dan Harden..."). So it seems that whatever you do, it's not on the same scale of measures we have found with the IP of Dan Harden and Minoru Akuzawa.

In this light, it's easy to see why you wouldn't come out and meet the known teachers or their experienced students.

Personally, such a result would inspire me to meet those teachers.

But you continue precisely as you were.

Having been shown that your Mercedes is a Volkswagen with a new hood ornament, you shrug and say, "Well I have to get back my Mercedes...being a Mercedes owner and driver as I am..." and so on. Plus, arguing the superiority of the Mercedes car....

Does that make sense?


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