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Re: My thoughts on competition vs Non-competioin

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Really? Wow: i've read that in several places, too - it's a big part of judo's history, I believe.
Too much to do and going to dinner I'll try to dig it up. It is flat out false though.

Regards who I said that to: a namesake - have you blocked him? I can well believe you have; I might take the same route, soon.

I hope you're well.
I liken the mindset to Taiji. You see millions doing that for health and harmony and they practice some rather pallid push hands. No harm no foul until you see the same people B.S. ing themselves and others that they are part of the tradition of internal power in Taiji. It's pretty sad to touch hands with them and see all hope vanish from their eyes. Then and only then do they realize they never truly had any part of the martial art tradition that is taiji.
It's why the internet in some ways just fosters that nonsense on one level but it has introduced so many people to cross training with others that it has also exposed the obvious failures. Some -not all- know their place, others really are delusional and think the stuff they get away with would actually work as a martial art. The only thing to do is to offer people greater exposure and scrutiny. Then the issue tends to take care of themselves. Stop and think, we have thousand of Aikidoka out doing BJJ, MMA, Judo and Internal training, koryu weapons-many times due to the internet!
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