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Re: My thoughts on competition vs Non-competioin

"Another fact or reality is that when people of different arts train with each other they may find out weaknesses in one another and guess what they do? They help each other.

This happens probably over 90% of the time whilst the few who seek to take advantage and prove dominance and harm the other are merely thugs. They usually boast about what they did to such and such. I have no time for them personally."

Graham ,
Forget boasting. What about training for meeting the 10%ers when they want something from you other than the right to boast on the Internet . I mean , how many times and different ways are we going to have the "cooperative training " argument?
Some people need and or want to be concerned with the "thugs"

A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your effort. That which is on the day of laughter is also now.
Ramana Maharishi
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