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Re: My thoughts on competition vs Non-competioin

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
When Jigoro Kano created judo, he added a safe, non-compliant, 'competitive', method to test the techniques' effective; this was called randori.
Before judo, jujutsu was wholly 'martial', and competitons were frequently fatal.

Anyway, one day, the Tokyo police force held a contest between judo - people who trained in a 'sport', 'non-martial' fashion - and a jujutsu school - people who trained in a 'martial' way.
The judoka wiped the floor with the 'true martial artists', and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police had judo taight to their officers.

True story.

Then there's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: the Gracies took on all-comers for decades, defeating people who trained compliantly in teh De4dly techniques.
You wouldn't last thirty seconds with a jiu-jitsuka: deal with it.
Now, now. Getting personal once again. Relax, breath....

Last year or so in Birmingham I think at the exhibition center a group of 'martial artists' doing a seminar of some kind ended up fighting with some wwf wrestlers in the bar and got wiped out too. Very funny.

Some older guy in the pub wiped out a scottish national champion martial artist who was 'debt collecting' for some thug firm from his brother. The old glasgow kiss.

All madness...

I wouldn't last ten minutes playing ping pong against a ping pong champ either.

Gracies? Great sportsmen, great martial artists of their art, obviously.

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