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Re: To bow or not to bow

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I would post a reply to Maggie, but since Jun will ban me again for that, I won't address her comments. Carina, you don't want to understand that for people in the world (a rough estimation) bowing in not acceptable. At all. And you are banning them to train in Aikido because "bowing equals Aikido equals bowing". For some this is a molehill. For said two thousand million people, it's a big, huge mountain.

But of course, your traditions show no respect for half the people in the world. And your traditions also equals Aikido equals your traditions.

I've being training with the Aikikai delegate in Indonesia for some time. Never bowed while in there. He was appointed by Kisshomaru Doshu. Guess both Doshu and Delegate were wrong. And all his students. And you (and some people I cannot mention under Jun's rule) are right. End of the story.
Alejandro I'm sorry that you do not read my posts
In answered yesterday Mary "I'm not ofended, I'm open to everything, I think most of the newbies bows but don't know who is this old man on the picture and I do understand that there are guys who doen't bow for the reason you wrote,"
If it is not enough for you OK Alejandro I understand that for people in the world (a rough estimation) bowing is not acceptable. ... I repeat I never met one...
It is now ok and can we start training
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