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OK, I'll throw some questions out there:

-I would be interested to learn all of those senseis views/persepectives on the current state of aikido in the US.

-Given the fragmentation of Aikikai-affiliated organizations in the US today (USAF, ASU, AANC, AAA, PAF, among others), do they anticipate any kind of future efforts to foster and formalize relations and/or communications between these disparate groups?

-If not, how do they believe things will evolve in the near and distant future?

-What would they LIKE to see happen?

- What are their own concerns or questions about the current and future state of aikido in the US?

-As aikido grows and spreads worldwide, what do they see happening to aikido in terms of dealing with the issue of newer instructors who never met or studied under O Sensei or the former Doshu Kishomarru Ueshiba?

Regarding aikido and technology:

-How do they see aikido being most affected by the recent rapid advances in technology and communications?

-Which aspects of the these advances have or will have the most influence on aikido?

-What might be some of the most significant changes that the "technology revolution" could have on aikido's future?
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