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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
This post refers both to Dan's recent interactions with Mike and to Chris' earlier skirmishes.

Having read a tremendous number of Mike's posts, I have come to some conclusions about his "intent" on the boards.

"Having a discussion" is NOT his intent.

Mike does have cross-motivations for posting.

Number One is self-aggrandizement. That forms about 90% of his intention.

80% of his intention is to belittle others.

Having both 80% of one intent and 90% of another is possible in that a tremendous amount of his self-aggrandizement comes from insulting others. A put-down of others is a boost to himself. So the self-aggrandizement and belittling actually add up to about 97% of his entire "intent" in posting.

Another 20% of Mike's intent in posting is a severe and easily understandable longing for human contact. Some of this is satisfied by people who suck up to him and want to jump on his bandwagon and he will accept that as long as one does not attempt, in any way, to imply that they agree with him because they, too, have some kind of understanding. Those meet with belittlement as severe as he gives those who dispute with him (see Chris' interactions above). But Mike enjoys the disputes as much as the sucking up because he knows that a person has to have some kind of human contact or he'll die.

And it's not that he is afraid of dying, or would even mind it, but he can't bear the idea of the great loss to the world his demise would represent!!!!

So there is how Mike combines 90%, 80% and 20% to arrive at 100%, which explains his vast powers of disputation, insult, self-glorification and long-windedness.

Gee, another post devoted to a personal attack on little ole me. I do notice an unfortunate pattern in my "skirmishes" over the years, David. It seems that every time I run afoul of some self-professed "expert" and I don't buy it and I question what they say, the conversation suddenly winds up about "me". Amazing. But frankly, pretty predictable, given the number of self-styled "experts" and "teachers".

Now you know why I so publicly disavow myself from those titles and why I consistently say that I only discuss basics. When you learn the basics, please feel free to get in touch with me.


Mike Sigman
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